Keith Hennessy and the Turbulence group will combine work-in-progress material with direct audience engagement through an inclusive public processing session, including opportunities for questions and feedback. The performers will speak about the work and lead a conversation that explores the content and context of the dance. What is the show ‘about’? What is interesting, provocative, or fresh about the the work, its means of production, and the labor, money, power, gender, and sexuality issues involved in the making and sharing of it? What does it mean for Portland?

This conversation takes place alongside of the PICA Symposium: Bodies, Identities & Alternative Economies, a weekend of performances, discussions, screenings, and lectures on the ideas and politics behind Hennessy’s in-progress TBA:12 performance Turbulence (a dance about the economy). The Symposium takes place June 21–24, 2012.