Cloud Eye Control

Weaving seamlessly between performance, animation and theatre, artists Miwa Matreyek, Chi-wang Yang and Anna Oxygen bring you on a multi-media quest through expansive arctic landscapes, mythical creatures and the ethereal Aurora Borealis.

In a not so far off future, a woman embarks on a journey to preserve the finer elements of humanity by attempting to bury them in the ice of the north pole. Along the way she takes on animal characteristics to survive the environment and witnesses the mysterious landscape shifting around her. Exploring the nuances of acting on and being acted upon by a natural environment, the piece illuminates the mythological possibilities of unknown landscapes while addressing the tension between our primal nostalgia and a more modern and often incompatible human optimism.

Using original live music, multi-channel video projection, inventive staging and beautiful animation, the cloud eye controllers bring you into their world of floating horizons, mysterious animals, and ice caves.

Janet Pants

Jane Paik began producing works under the name Janet Pants in 1997 and Founded the Janet Pants Dans Theeatre (later Leg and Pants Dans Theeatre) in 2001. Often hailed as a pioneer in bringing experimental modern dance to the underground music scene – in a style that has been described as “punk rock in dance form” – she continues to mash together her take on dance/film/music in various performances, videos, and sounds.

Under Polaris is a National Performance Network Creation Fund project co-commissioned by REDCAT (Roy and Edna Disney/Cal Arts Theater), PICA and Leslie B. Durst. Thanks to Milepost 5, ArtPlace Development and LAIKA/house for their support of the residency.