Co-presented with Cinema Project, Portland, Oregon.

Monument to Another Man’s Fatherland is a four-part project that investigates cultural artifacts as they relate to power dynamics between Turkey and Germany. The migration of culture between these two countries and its attendant objects shapes our understanding of each place, and draws attention to the politics of geography. Van Brummelen & De Haan’s project began with a proposal by the artists to reconnect the Pergamon Museum’s Revolt of the Giants frieze in Berlin with its place of origin in Turkey; denied permission to film the relief, the duo turned to the numerous printed reproductions of the work in academic books and guides. The artists appropriated these found images—printed in different periods, with diverse grids, qualities, and illumination—and reconstructed the sculptural battlefield on film. Concurrently, the artists asked several would-be Turkish immigrants to read the Greek myth of The Revolt of the Giants translated to the German, poetically unravelling the current political tension between these two populations.

September 7-16: Open Daily, 12-6:30pm
September 20-29: Thu–Fri, 12-6:30pm; Sat 12-4pm

Originally commissioned by Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland.