New Herring Press + PICA presents Weird Fucks
3:00 – 5:00 PM: Weird Fucks Re-imagined, writers and interdisciplinary artists who are engaged in weird fuckery of some kind. Weird Fucks Re-imagined with Donal Mosher (photographer/filmmaker/writer), Stacey Tran (poet/designer), Kristin Bradshaw (poet, sound artist), video by Dylan Mira, keyon gaskin (dancer/choreographer), plus special guests.

5:00 – 7:00 PM: Reading by Lynne Tillman, Book Release Party!

Weird Fucks is a confluence of the old and the new: it’s a reissue of the first work longer than 10 pages that Lynne Tillman published (originally in 1980). It includes new paintings by Tillman’s longtime friend (and friend of New Herring) Amy Sillman. The much-loved novella has long been out of print. It represents the first perfect-bound book that New Herring has produced and a historic collaboration between these friends and co-conspirators.

Weird Fucks chronicles its narrator’s sexual encounters with a variety of men. Each encounter is “weird” for its own reason. Meaning, many are not explicitly weird (or obviously fucks). And Amy’s abstractions are occupied by elbows, stumps, uncomfortable interiors, bodies, or objects or pathologies that won’t behave right. Amy’s paintings get involved in the pages of the book, they rub up.

In working on the Weird Fucks book, New Herring Press wondered: What’s the relationship between (old) text and (new) art? What does it mean for a friend to make art in response to her friend’s art? Is that itself a kind of weird fuck? Does reading a story while looking at paintings constitute a fucking or a weirding or both?

And what about PICA? It supports artists (us), but are publishers (again us) artists? Are writers? Is somebody fucking up weirdly or being fucked weirdly or is selling a book that may not “work” a weird fuck?


In 2010, Lynne Tillman suggested to Sara Jaffe and Jess Arndt that they deal with their frustrations with the publishing scene by starting their own press. Sara and Jess enlisted fellow prose writers Jason Daniel Schwartz and Sara Marcus to collaborate and, over New Catch Holland Herring and aquavit, New Herring Press was born. Inspired by the community-mindedness and attention to the book-object of countless small poetry presses, New Herring decided to publish chapbooks of prose: fiction, nonfiction, and neither/both. New Herring’s first forays were annual curated sets of four chapbooks each, including titles by Lynne Tillman, Eileen Myles, Justin Torres, Deb Olin Unferth, Bhanu Kapil, and Laurie Weeks. With each set, the press invites an artist to create original artwork for the publication.