An all-ages, anything-goes variety show, Whoop Dee Doo enlists wildly diverse participants and collaborates with a wild range of performers—from science teachers and Celtic bagpipers to clogging troupes, drill teams, and drag queens—all for an audience of wide-eyed children. This chaotic mix is an awkward yet endearing experience that embraces a huge range of tastes and sensibilities and strips away divisions between high and low art. While curated by the group, Whoop Dee Doo remains a truly inclusive endeavor that celebrates difference and unabashed self-expression. Whoop Dee Doo strives to not only break down barriers between age/gender/culture/ sub-culture, but to form and foster unique collaborations between unlikely pairings of community members, with the intention of having them blossom into exceptional, meaningful, and fun interactions.

For TBA, Whoop Dee Doo will work with students during the summer at PICA and Caldera (a year-round arts mentoring organization that works in Portland and Central Oregon) to create a new, large-scale installation and live community performance. Participating students will sketch, plan, and create several aspects of the exhibition and live show.

Sponsored by The Boeing Company. Supported in part by Caldera and Robin Magowan. Special thanks to Northwest Paper Box, Pacific Seafood, GOODWRAPPERS, The Rebuilding Center, David Premysler, Denton Plastics, Inc..