Hearkening back to the WOOLLY & FRIENDS events held at local spot Valentines, the evening will feature a new performance piece by Woolly, SHE IS OURSELVES, with music by White Rainbow and The Slaves, as well as sets by Tunnels and The Miracles Club.

Woolly is an aesthetically-inclined, trans-pop-culture, dance-therapy performance group formed in Portland, OR in 2006. They have performed in venues ranging between burned-out buildings, black box theaters, Mexican bars, fields of llamas, cowboy dance halls, and downtown alleyways. Traversing between hilarious absurdity and a dark intensity, they bring audiences to the precipice of tantalizing confusion.

White Rainbow is Portland, OR electronic music producer Adam Forkner. With a storied past in the experimental/psychedelic/electronic underground, White Rainbow explores the full spectrum of psychedelic sound production.

The Slaves are NW natives Barbara Kinzle and Birch Cooper. Their noisy, ambient music is equally inspired by 1950s doo-wop and ancient sounding tones. Both members are also a part of Oregon Painting Society.

As a solo musician, Nicholas Bindeman performs as Tunnels. He has been Jackie-O Motherfucker’s guitarist for five years and, before that, helmed the meandering psych-roots band Eternal Tapestry.

The Miracles Club is a performance art and music group from Portland Oregon. Members Rafael Fauria, Honey Owens and Ryan Boyle explore the relationship between sound, movement, audience and artist.