As part of the creation and presentation of The People—Portland, Big Art Group is offering a free three-day workshop in the company’s training and compositional strategies with technology and the body. Open to people with or without previous performance training.

  • An introduction of Big Art Group’s Performance Practice (Real Time Film)
  • Training and introduction to technology and concepts
  • Time-limited studio compositional exercises
  • Expansion of dramaturgy to the wider scope of The People
  • Large group 4 channel compositions based on the themes of the project to be recorded and included in Big Art Group’s The People—Portland production September 6-8. (Attendance not required)

Real Time Film; Task Based Choreography, or training the body for simultaneous presence. Movement based training in awareness of the video camera and its frame; learning multiple presence, or how to accomplish overlapping performance goals through moment-to-moment acting; dramaturgy of the Image; technical discussions about evolutions in image technology and the use of technology in performance.

Video Puppetry; Radical Exchangeability; Queering Character: creating a character that exists only as an assemblage of the effort of several actors. Working as a group, exchanging control, and thinking as a cyborg. “Queer” used as a model for thinking beyond boundaries.

Subverting Disposability- constructing performance from socially discarded objects, ideas, and stories. Constructing sets from trash, examining the role of “Junk Fiction.”