Join the community choir! Singer, composer and performing artist Holcombe Waller will lead warm up and rehearsal for a working excerpt from his new project, LGBT Requiem Mass. This full-body chorale music workshop will include writing, improvisation, and discussion to explore the convergence of LGBT voice, song, community and the legacy and shadow of Christian liturgical and spiritual music. Amateur and professional singers, sight-readers and ear-exclusive learners all welcome. Wear comfortable clothes you can move in.

This event is part of the TBA Festival Flight, Seniors, Sexuality, & Spirituality: Art and Social Change, which includes a free, day-long symposium exploring contemporary art and performance practices as potential sites and situations for social, political, and public engagement, experimentation, and evolution. Seniors, Sexuality, & Spirituality: Art and Social Change is anchored by two TBA projects–musician and performing artist Holcombe Waller’s work-in-progress, LGBT Requiem Mass, and Mammalian Diving Reflex’s All the Sex I’ve Ever Had. Scroll down to “Related Events” or see the TBA catalog for more information and a full schedule of flight and symposium activities.

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You may attend both workshops, but this will require registering for each event separately.

About Festival Flights: Festival Flights highlight artistic, political, or cultural connections among various performances, exhibitions, late-night shows, workshops, screenings, TBA Conversations, Field Guide sessions, and more. Think of a Flight as a thematic tasting–try one or two events or make time for an immersive experience across a range of related happenings.

About Workshops: Festival workshops are a rare opportunity for Portlanders and visitors alike to work with TBA artists from around the world. Advance registration is required for all workshops; call the TBA Central Box Office at 503.224.PICA to register.