Warning: this is just for laughs. There’s no redeeming social value. We’d apologize, but that’s sort of our goal every time we do what we do—you know, create an empty vessel you can fill with your own nonsense. Go ahead, knock yourself out. Is that a joke? Uh, no, not that I’m aware of. So you’re saying we offer nothing. Well, yeah, at least we try. But that’s why the average Joe hates our stuff. Because it’s bullshit—he says. Uh, I’ve got news for you. The average Joe could give a damn about what we do. As long as we stay out of his way. Oh, right, I forgot. O.K., but scratch the laughs. Laughing is meaningful. You can laugh so hard it’ll kill you—and death has to be dealt with. O.K., so drop the jokes. But if you do, remember, it’ll get pretty boring. Nah, boredom can kill you, too. You’re making this tough as hell. Man, it ain’t easy being an artist. Is that another joke?