YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES is in Seoul. Its C.E.O is Young-hae Chang (Korea), its C.I.O. Marc Voge (U.S.A).

YHCHI’s pieces present a Homeric hero searching for sublime meaning in the insignificance of a life lived anywhere but where it seemingly counts; Asian businessmen and bar hostesses drinking the night away; a man who dies and is reborn a stick; a Korean cleaning lady who is really a French philosopher; an illegal immigrant in a holding cell under the Justice Palace, in Paris; a woman who sexually embraces corporate monopoly; an evening with Sam Beckett in a bordello; an S O S from a beauty queen; a night roundup followed by an execution; a frustrated bongo player; a guy who goes to work without his pants; a girl with a Global Positioning Satellite chip sewn into her abdomen; the second Korean war in the eyes of W.G. Sebald; cultural identity; nothingness; loneliness; love in a snowy region of Japan; a guy and his girlfriend trying to get from Tokyo to Detroit; official North Korean policy on oral sex; eating glass; movie end credits; the Riviera; a duty-free DMZ; a James Brown impersonator; Saul; and more.

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