For this performance, singer/songwriter Laura Gibson, musician/sound artist Ethan Rose, and filmmaker Ryan Jeffery seal themselves inside the glass box of PDX Contemporary Art. The interior of the space will acoustically and visually contain a collaborative and improvisational performance. Both the lyrical and musical content generated by Rose and Gibson will be created on-site as a reaction to Jeffery’s projected images, which in turn respond to the resulting sounds. This recycling of material will help to guide the artists’ interaction while exposing the creative practice that they develop together. They will create haunting visual and aural landscapes that weave together their distinctive styles. Audiences are invited to experience the artists’ live mixing from outside, where sound will spill out and projections will fill the gallery’s windows.

This performance draws from studio recordings that Rose and Gibson have been working on over the course of the past year. Their work has centered around stream-of-consciousness improvisations: roughly formed sketches that are subsequently rearranged, juxtaposed, and repurposed to create new compositions. For this performance, they will be joined by Ryan Jeffery, who will project images that he has gathered as a response to their recorded material.

This installation is made possible in part through the support of Jane Beebe and PDX Contemporary Art.