Via Tribunali

TBA Eats

Wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizzas—simple, charred, and sublime….

THE WORKS at Washington High School

Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol

Asalto al Agua Transparente

In this compelling play, Lagartijas explores the stark water issues of Lake Texcoco from the Aztec founding of Tenochitlan to the modern day Meixco-city.

Bodyvox Dance Center


Biljana Kosmogina, Petra Kovacic, East Rodeo

An evening of site-specifc performance art from some Croatia and Serbia’s most provocative current artists. …

Washington High School


Global and Mobile Pop

A multimedia night of live musical performances, Skype video concerts from western Africa, YouTube remixes, and live cellphone feeds. …

Washington High School

Why Festivals? Noontime Conversation

International curators discuss the festival model and its role in the world of contemporary performance….

PICA at West End

Keith Hennessy/Circo Zero

Turbulence (a dance about the economy)

A collaborative creation, Turbulence is an experimental hybrid of contemporary dance, improvised happening, and political theater in response to economic crisis….

Imago Theatre

Blind Tasting Bingo

TBA Eats

Join us for a flight of small tastes, eaten with your eyes closed, in this game of sensory deprivation and exploration. Featuring Jason French (Ned Ludd), Chef Naoko Tamura, and Johanna Ware (Smallwares)….

THE WORKS at Washington High School

The Hollywood Theatre Presents: FUTURE CINEMA

Terrifying Women, Weston Currie & Grouper, B-Movie BINGO

Check your boredom at the megaplex for performances and videos from Terrifying Women, brand new work from Weston Currie and Liz Harris (Grouper), and B Movie Bingo Wolf Choir….

THE WORKS at Washington High School

Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol Noontime Conversation

Contemporary Mexican Theatre

Luisa Pardo and Gabino Rodriguez from Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol talk about performance in Mexico with Olga Sanchez, Artistic Director of Teatro Milagro….

PICA at West End

Sam Green & Yo La Tengo

The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller

A “live documentary” film with a live soundtrack by Yo La Tengo, examining the legacy of the visionary Buckminster Fuller….

Washington High School

Parenthetical Girls, et al.

Featuring Golden Retriever, Classical Revolution PDX, Jherek Bischoff, Allie Hankins

Performances by collaborators past and present, concluding in a grand-scale, multi-disciplinary concert. Featuring musical guests Golden Retriever, Classical Revolution PDX performing compositions by Jherek Bischoff, and a solo dance by choreographer Allie Hankins.

Washington High School

Claire L. Evans


A design fiction presentation pitching a speculative service that would remove ended relationships from the internet, storing them in physical objects….

PICA at West End

Faustin Linyekula

Le Cargo

Linyekula bears witness through his dance to decades of war, terror, and fear, while also subverting the dominant image of contemporary Congo with one of resourcefulness and hope.

PORTLAND’5: Winningstad Theatre

Gob Squad

Gob Squad's Kitchen (You've Never Had it So Good)

Recreating the iconic 60s films of Andy Warhol, live actors cross in and out of the film and audience….

PSU: Lincoln Performance Hall


TBA Eats

Vegan Italian dishes that satisfy everyone: vegetable terrines, beet-pine nut manicotti, corn and mushroom chowder, and more….

THE WORKS at Washington High School

Alexis Blair Penney

New York-based singer, performer, DJ, and personality Penney will travel an emotional journey in song, from childhood to first love to romantic dissolution to ecstatic hope and empowerment. …

Washington High School

Toshiki Okada/chelfitsch Workshop

A workshop led by cheltfisch’s award-winning director and playwright, Toshiki Okada, known for his stylized hybrids of oddly humorous text, distinctive lighting, and idiosyncratic movement….


Faustin Linyekula Noontime Conversation

The Baggage of Le Cargo

Faustin Linyekula discusses his bold solo dance and its themes of legacy, forgetting, and memory with Angela Mattox….

PICA at West End


Hot Pepper, Air Conditioner, and the Farewell Speech

Three vignettes track the absurd and mundane stories of a group of office employees in this stylized performance derived from everyday gestures….

Washington High School

Bunk Sandwiches

TBA Eats

Lip-smacking, filled-to-the-brim sandwiches from the crew at Bunk….

THE WORKS at Washington High School

Thu Tran

The Yes and No of Blacklight Food

A bizarro cooking demonstration exploring the effects of black light, led by the adorable host of FOOD PARTY….

Washington High School

Gob Squad Workshop

Company members from Gob Squad lead a performance workshop right in the set of Gob Squad’s Kitchen, exploring their unique blend of theater and real life. …

PSU: Lincoln Performance Hall

Isabelle Cornaro

Visual Art Salon

Kristan Kennedy shares insight’s into Cornaro’s residency murals created at the new PICA space….

PICA at West End

Nong’s Khao Man Gai

TBA Eats

Aromatic poached chicken, fluffy rice, Thai herbs, and salty, spicy soy bean sauce—a perfect package meal!…

THE WORKS at Washington High School

Fade to Mind

Kingdom, Total Freedom, Massacooramaan

A taste of the LA bass sound as a closing night TBA party of surreal visions, sideways club trax, and darkside R&B dubs….

Washington High School

Voices and Echoes

Akio Suzuki, Gozo Yoshimasu, Otomo Yoshihide, Curated by Aki Onda

Sound artist Akio Suzuki, experimental poet Gozo Yoshimasu, and improvisatory guitarist/turntablist Otomo Yoshihide present a range of performances that cross between literature, sound art, music, and improvisation….

PSU: Lincoln Performance Hall

Laurie Anderson


Legendary musician and artist Laurie Anderson performs the third and final of her groundbreaking solo story works…

PORTLAND’5: Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall

Morgan Ritter

Visual Art Salon

Ritter speaks about her work in terms of her ideas on “flattened” spaces and “defiant” sculpture….

Washington High School

Last Chance Walk Through

Visual Art Salon

Explore the TBA:12 visual art exhibitions one last time, and hear Kristan Kennedy’s curatorial perspective on the festival projects….

Washington High School

Lisa Radon Resource Room Residency


The third of our inaugural Resource Room Residencies, Lisa Radon searches for rhizomatic connections between language, ideas, and the words captured in books….

PICA at West End

Anna Craycroft Residency

An exploratory residency meeting with the community for her upcoming project C’MON LANGUAGE!…

PICA at West End

Stanya Kahn Lecture

PSU MFA Studio Lecture Series

Kahn is an interdisciplinary artist whose hybrid practice is infused with pop vernacular, documentary tropes, comedy, and experimental film….

PSU: Shattuck Hall Annex

Lecture on Trisha Brown

Professor Susan Rosenberg

New York-based art historian Susan Rosenberg will lecture on the connections between Brown’s choreography and her visual art practice….

PICA at West End

Brian Bress Lecture

PSU MFA Studio Lecture Series

Brian Bress is a Los Angeles-based artist working with video, photo, and rich allusion….

PSU: Shattuck Hall Annex

Mushroom, Mold & Yeast Feast

An intimate dinner of wild and cultivated mushrooms, prepared with traditional Japanese techniques by Chef Naoko Tamura. Featuring R. Stuart & Co. Winery and Salt & Straw Ice Cream….

PICA at West End

How Mushrooms Grow

An interactive installation

A hand-cranked sculptural zoetrope that re-creates lifecycle of a mushroom….

The Cleaners at Ace Hotel

The Mush Fair

An afternoon open house of sculptures, gifts, spore prints, and more from the mycological world….

The Cleaners at Ace Hotel

Lisa Radon: Looking at some circles

Stone circles and water cults, concentric circles and temporary autonomous zones, the peradam, white holes, knots, magic, the sun, Venn diagrams, Bruno, Borges, Emerson, Euclid, the letter O….

PICA at West End

Prints for PICA

The annual art sale returns for its 10th year of original, affordable prints by Portland artists….

PICA at West End

Ben Young & Gary Robbins: CLOUDS

CLOUDS Book Release

Published by Container Corps, CLOUDS is a new book of photographs based on the pioneering 1896 “International Cloud Atlas.”…

PICA at West End

Mx Justin Vivian Bond

Snow Angel

The “greatest cabaret artist of this generation” performs a razor-sharp holiday show of original songs, spoken word, and snowy glamour….

Star Theater

Nic Tammens Resource Room Residency

Wittgenstein's Ladder; another heap of language

Exploring the tensions of language, art object, and leftist politics, Tammens will undertake a series of written and performance-based projects….

PICA at West End

Anna Craycroft Lecture

PSU MFA Studio Lecture Series

Through research and interdisciplinary collaboration, Craycroft explores how definitions of the “individual” prescribe the structure of our institutions and how the mechanics of an institution inscribe the persons within….

PSU: Shattuck Hall Annex

Jeremy Wade: Fountain

As shaman, a preacher, a fool, a teacher, Wade’s solo dance draws the audience into a collective sensational experience….

PICA at West End

Jeremy Wade Workshop

Articulating Disorientation

An improvisational dance workshop, exploring the classic paradox of formal training versus performed failure….

PICA at West End

Brendan Fowler: And Martin (11)

New music from Brendan Fowler’s (formerly BARR) latest pop deconstruction/performance art project….

PICA at West End

Julia Dault Lecture

PSU MFA Studio Lecture Series

Dault’s richly layered paintings and sculptures play with surface and substrate, reflection and tension….

PSU: Lincoln Recital Hall

100×100 for Josh

An Art Dash auction and party to support Plazm art director Josh Berger as he recovers from a traumatic brain injury….

PICA at West End

New Arrangements

Ned Colclough & Michihiro Kosuge

Exhibition Open:

A pairing of sculptures by Brooklyn-based Ned Colclough and Portlander Michihiro Kosuge….

PICA at West End

Nic Tammens: “on locks”

Publication Release

Release party for Tammens’ notational essay on the etymologies of the word ‘lock’, elucidating notions of property, linguistics, and apparatus….

PICA at West End

Precipice Fund Info Session

Organized by PICA with the support of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, The…

PICA at West End

Jen Delos Reyes & Jason Sturgill

Mind Training

Weekly on Fridays during the PSU Resource Room Residency, Jen Delos Reyes and Jason Sturgill will host…

PICA at West End


The Annual Gala

PICA’s wild benefit fundraiser returns for another year—come out and show your support!…

Sandbox Studio


Presented by QDoc

In English and Spanish, with Spanish and English subtitles Community Partners: Causa Oregon; Portland Institute for…

McMenamin’s Kennedy School Theater

Open Engagement

Final Panel Discussion

Open Engagement is an international conference organized by PSU’s Art & Social Practice program, expanding the dialogue around socially engaged art making….

PICA at West End

Mike Daisey


The “master storyteller” returns to Portland with the world premiere of a new work investigating truth, fiction, and journalism….

Tiffany Center Emerald Ballroom

Richard Jackson Lecture

PSU MFA Studio Lecture Series

Based in Los Angeles since the early 1970s, Jackson has expanded the definition and practice of…

PSU: Shattuck Hall Annex

Anna Craycroft

C'mon Language

Exhibition Open:

Click here to download The Web app for iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Sign up here for email…

PICA at West End

“…community declared itself a medium…”*

Visual Art at TBA:13

This is not an exhibition. “…community declared itself a medium…” is a fragment of a sentence,…

Various Locations

How Do You Mean? Culture in Translation

PICA Symposium

An interdisciplinary weekend of art, performance, and conversations, investigating the complexity of constructing and communicating culture in contemporary art…

Various Locations

Emily Johnson Workshop

Awareness, Environment, and Impulse

Encouraging a heightened senses of awareness, this workshop will generate movement through listening, sensing, and shifting focus. …


C’mon Language: Richard Taylor

Defeating the Art/Science Divide

Physicist Richard Taylor discusses his research into fractal patterns as a way to bridge our thinking between science and art….

PICA at West End

C’mon Language: Carlota Ribas and Dean Daderko

Foreign Exchange: Global Markets, Local Worlds

Daderko and Ribas discuss how the exchange of art and ideas, language and commerce play out across local and global contexts….

PICA at West End

Field Guide: Dance

Getting Over Getting It

What assumptions do we bring with us when we attend a performance? How do artists and…

Bodyvox Dance Center: Studio