Precipice Fund

2018 Grant Recipients

Precipice Fund is proud to announce our Round Six (2018–19) grant recipients. In the program’s sixth year, $60,000 was awarded to 14 collaborative artist projects, programs, and spaces, ranging from $2,500 to $5,000 each.

Grant recipients were selected by an external panel of artists, curators, and art professionals throughout the region, including DB Amorin, Artist and faculty/staff at Open Signal and Public Annex (Portland, OR); Rachel Cook, Artistic Director of On the Boards (Seattle, WA); Garrick Imatani, Artist and Chair of Foundation, Pacific Northwest College of Art (Portland, OR); and Carey Lin, Artist, Educator, and staff at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (San Francisco, CA).

The following PICA staff oversee Precipice Fund programming and operations:

Jodie Cavalier
Public Engagement Program Coordinator, PICA
Coordinator, Precipice Fund

Roya Amirsoleymani
Artistic Director & Curator of Public Engagement, PICA
Managing Director, Precipice Fund

Kristan Kennedy
Artistic Director & Curator of Visual Art, PICA
Founding Director, Precipice Fund


black girls: an archiveChingada GalleryClass Set, Volume 4First BrickFree School PDXMobile Projection UnitMonday Salon at Living School of ArtNat Turner Project Drinking Gourd FellowshipsPidzn ClubPower to the DreamersRematriate! Creating spaces where Indigenous kinship to land can flourish without colonial obstructionSlide Night PressSpoiler RoomVariform

black girls: an archive $4,800

derrais carter, Sharita Towne, Crystal Boson, Anya Wallace, Tiffany Lee

This project that pairs poetry and creative writing by black femmes with visual art by d.a carter and Sharita Towne to intervene in a history of black girls who have been sexually exploited in the name of science and photography. This unbound art book, then, serves as a counter-archive to national archives that contain little to no information about black girls.

rubén garcia maruffo, Diego Morales Portillo

“Chingada”, a mestizo word of many meanings: To bother, ruin. To do something fast, to express disbelief, surprise, the best and worst, hopelessness and an unbelievable distance where a space lie. Chingada is an experimental space focused on not-specific art objects and non-objectual art conceived from the distance. We believe ideas can cross borders, and within an artistic framework, an exchange of roles in the center-periphery equation is possible through dialogue and critical thinking.

Class Set, Volume 4 $2,500

Anne Greenwood Riosecco, Jessalyn Aaland

An edition of ten 11″ x 17″ Risograph-printed posters featuring quotes by authors and activists, to be made available to K-12 classroom teachers for free. The edition is designed to inspire and affirm students by encouraging divergent thinking, questioning, creativity, curiosity, resilience, resistance, solidarity, and social justice. Each edition is accompanied by a curriculum guide designed to support students in creating their own posters, and designs are also available online for anyone to freely download and print.

First Brick $3,800

James Knowlton, Molly Alloy, Eric Long, Allynn Carpenter

An all-queer curatorial practice and collaboration that works to create non-dogmatic spaces that are constantly in flux, in location and practice. We pair emerging and seasoned artists with an emphasis on contemporary practice and work that provokes critical dynamic discussion. First Brick will program four events throughout 2019 that vary in medium and presentation.

Free School PDX $5,000

Eliza Harper, Leigh Estrada, Jenny Vu, Emma Parry

Free School is a non-monetary, anti-capitalist group providing free classes in the fundamentals of art making and design, taught by volunteer artists from the Portland area. Free School’s mission is to make creation and learning accessible to all people. This is accomplished by eliminating the financial barriers that keep community members from learning a new art form or trade.

Mobile Projection Unit $5,000

Sarah Turner, Fernanda D’Agostino

Mobile Projection Unit will present new, experimental, site specific outdoor projected video works throughout Portland by use of a mobile studio. This studio will provide a cohort of new media artists with tools, software, mentorship, and access to outdoor spaces to create and present these works to a public audience. The cohort will pair moving image artists with video mapping programmers to collaborate on works that use the cityscape as canvas.

Monday Salon at Living School of Art $5,000

Amanda Evans, Eunice Tapia, Natalia Zakhariya

A weekly art group co-founded and co-led by a group of women who are neighbors in an affordable housing apartment complex in East Portland. Most of our group identify as immigrants, mothers, and artists. Each week at Monday Salon, one group member or invited guest shares and teaches part of her lived art practice stemming from cultivated personal interests or inherited ancestral traditions.

Nat Turner Project Drinking Gourd Fellowships $5,000

maximiliano martinez, Melanie Stevens

Nat Turner Project (NTP) is a fugitive art space that will use the Precipice Fund grant to implement the inaugural session of NTP’s Drinking Gourd Fellowships. By invoking a non-traditional application strategy, NTP will allot stipends to local and regional artists of color who fall outside of the perceived norms of the traditional professional art infrastructure.

Pidzn Club $5,000

Mickey Sanchez, Lu Yim, Takahiro Yamamoto, Yun Yun Chiu

Pidzn Club is a visual art show with opening and closing events featuring artists creating within the virtual and physical Asian Diaspora. What is Asian? How can we answer that question in an expansive way that embodies both its multiplicity and vagueness? How do we move through the confines of historical representation and encounter the unknowable? With “diaspora” as glue, we address these questions by curating artists who expand and re-future “Asian” through art.

Power to the Dreamers $2,500

Luisa Lukova, Jed Thaggard, Vianca Diaz Cea, Heldáy de la Cruz, Gerardo Rodriguez

A visual art collective co-led by two undocumented artists, focusing on using art as activism to highlight the undocumented narrative. We organize creative spaces that showcase the work of undocumented visual artists. With funding for 2019, we will have a larger impact on our PNW community with more artists, events, and collaboration.

Rematriate! Creating spaces where Indigenous kinship to land can flourish without colonial obstruction $5,000

Ried Gustafson, Lauren Moran

Our broad intention is to reimagine strategies of resistance that oppose colonialism and capitalism through rematriation. We will organize a series of conversions and workshops around decolonization and possibilities of reclaiming Indigenous land and public space as an incremental step towards a decolonized future that is accountable to Indigenous vitality.

Slide Night Press $4,000 — Astoria, OR

Emily Geddes, Will Elias, Dave Coyne, Andrea Mazzarella

Slide Night Press, based in Astoria, Oregon, aims to bring letterpress accessibility to the north coast region. We will purchase a gently used press and provide workshops, demonstrations, and affordable access to the press itself to the community in and surrounding Astoria.

Spoiler Room $2,500

Eric W Mast, Dane Overton, Shawn Creeden

Spoiler Room is an audiovisual media collective from Portland, Oregon that organizes social events and dance parties. The events are shot and mixed on analog video with a portable TV studio, and presented on Portland cable access, as well as archived online. Each documented episode is an hour long and generally revolves around a guest DJ or artist, shot in an ever-changing setting.

Variform $5,000

Cameron Wolf, Patricia Wolf, Giorgio Magnanensi

Variform is a gallery dedicated to sound art and installation. Our 2019 year of programming will feature public installation works and performances, alongside a year of monthly exhibits from local artists. This grant will cover our exhibits, a performance, and an ambitious public installation featuring specially-constructed speakers that use slices of wood to resonate. The installation will focus on global warming, its impact on various peoples, and be built from wood salvaged from forest fires.