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2019 Grant Recipients

Precipice Fund is proud to announce our Round Seven (2019–20) grant recipients. In the program’s seventh year, $60,000 was awarded to 13 collaborative artist projects, programs, and spaces, ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 each.

Grant recipients were selected by an external panel of artists, curators, and art professionals throughout the country, including Ashley DeHoyos (Houston, TX), Ashley Stull Meyers (Portland, OR), Lydia Rosenberg (Pittsburg, PA), and Ralph Pugay (Portland, OR).

The following PICA staff oversee Precipice Fund programming and operations:

Jodie Cavalier
Public Engagement Program Coordinator, PICA
Coordinator, Precipice Fund

Roya Amirsoleymani
Artistic Director & Curator of Public Engagement, PICA
Managing Director, Precipice Fund

Kristan Kennedy
Artistic Director & Curator of Visual Art, PICA
Founding Director, Precipice Fund


Acción Poética PortlandCascadia Uranium Film Art Festival Conduit Elemental Eating: Alchemizing Ancestry, Diaspora, and Story Through Foodhome schoolIt’s Sumth’n Variety Show Kinfolx Mental Health ClubMIRROR Series at AnitaOri GalleryShredCore!whateverSpaceYou Are Here

Acción Poética Portland $5,000

Ariana Rosales, Carlos Esparza, Miguel Rodriguez

Acción Poética is an artistic movement at the intersection of visual art, poetry, and social practice that was started by the Mexican poet Armando Alanis Pulido in Monterrey back in in 1996. Since then, this phenomenon involving painting and intervening on city walls with fragments of poetry has been adopted all over Latin America. We aim to adapt and bring this rich tradition to the Metro Area as Acción Poética Portland.

Cascadia Uranium Film Art Festival $5,000

Laura Feldman, Yukiyo Kawano, Norma Fieldo

Portland area residents are invited to a two-day festival featuring documentaries and film shorts about the history and the local and global impacts of nuclear technology on their lives and the bioregion. By making a creative community space to experience the nuclear narrative we are a part of, we will commemorate the ninth anniversary of the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster, and learn more about the Hanford Nuclear Reservation on the Columbia River.

Conduit — Happy Valley, OR $4,500

Jade Novarino, Esse Rivers

Conduit is an artist-run art space in Happy Valley, Oregon. Conduit functions as a seasonal residency; an exhibition space; a workshop studio; a support system; and a collaborative practice. We host artists May– September, offer workshops, and in our off-season, design and publish books with artists as Penny Press.

Elemental Eating: Alchemizing Ancestry, Diaspora, and Story Through Food $5,000

Candace Kita, Marilou Carrera

Elemental Eating alchemizes stories of Japanese ancestry, diaspora, and food. Led by artists of Japanese descent Marilou Carrera and Candace Kita, the project combines potlucks, storytelling, historical research, and textile art to create an experimental visual and gastronomic archive between Portland and Japan. Elemental Eating elevates the complex, diasporic histories and origins of Japanese people in Portland; their evolving relationships to food; and their abilities to commune and transform through art, eating, and storytelling.

home school $5,000

manuel arturo abreu, Victoria Anne Reis

home school is a free pop-up art school in Portland in its fourth year of curriculum that creates welcoming spaces for critical engagement with contemporary art. Drawing on the etymology of ‘school’ (Ancient Gk. ‘shkole’ rest, leisure time, idleness), we center demarketization, casual rigor, criticality as care, and refusal of white aesthetic metrics to present genre-nonconforming edutainment. Our multimedia engagements feature exhibition, conversation, publication, performance, poetry, music, research, and more.

It’s Sumth’n Variety Show $5,000

“jazzelle “”jayy”" dodd, FatherFannie”

It’s Sumth’n Variety Show will be a limited-run talk-show featuring local BIPOC/Queer & Trans visual artists paired with DJ/Musical guests. Filmed in front of a live audience, with portable set pieces, each show will take place in a different location, stream live, and be edited into an episodic format, with additional featurette content for digital platforms. Each episode will feature a hybrid artist talk/Q&A and live performance.

Kinfolx $5,000

Josh Cox, Gabriel Zinn

Our goal is to create a magazine, called Kinfolx, that accurately reflects the experiences of minority individuals and groups in Portland, OR. We feel that such representation is especially necessary now, given the rapidly changing nature of Portland’s socio-economic landscape, and the potential for erasure that such changes portend. Kinfolx will mimic, subvert, and signify upon the aesthetic of the well-known Kinfolk magazine, which we see as emblematic of the cultural sea-change occurring in Portland.

Mental Health Club $4,000

Sean chamberlain, Gabe Saur, Nicholaus Petersen

Mental Health Club is a yearly queer underground party. Using the nightclub as site, MHC facilitates the converging of multiple artists’ practices for one night, resulting in an ephemeral, site-specific installation that creates a place for our community to have their world actualized. MHC’s core mission is to highlight both regional and national artists, to expand the field of queer cultural output, and help promote payment above the average rate of the gig economy.

MIRROR Series at Anita — Astoria, OR $5,000

Liz Harris, Patricia Vázquez Gómez, Adrian Eberstein

MIRROR is an exhibition series focused on presenting artwork that challenges predominant narratives of US history and identity. It is to occur three times between 2020 and 2022 at Anita, a community art/music/performance space in downtown Astoria OR. This application seeks funding for the first of these events, a show of activism and art that voice an alternative to existing cultural accounts.

Ori Gallery $5,000

Leila Haile, Maya Vivas

2020 will mark the two year anniversary of Ori Gallery as a collaborative project between Leila Haile, Maya Vivas, and the Portland Community. As such our mission remains the same: to uplift the voices of Trans and Queer Creatives of Color via art exhibitions, community organizing, and mobilization through the arts. Our goals for 2020 will focus on supporting artists in the development and creation of new work, exhibitions, and community dialogue.

ShredCore! $2,000

Darcy Neal, Midori Hirose, Francesca Frattaroli, Emma Prichard, Alice Rotsztain

ShredCore! is a mobile, creative studio that will educate communities on decentralized plastic recycling. Specifically, we will provide workshops with custom machines that convert plastic waste to raw material useable for functional artistic projects. Trash Hackers collective will give workshops in Portland and Astoria, inviting residents to participate in making sculptural, expressive, conceptual and/or usable objects from their local waste stream.

whateverSpace $5,000

Crystal Cortez, Michael Romay, Shannon O’Brien, Francisco Botello, Station

whateverSpace is a studio run by a collective of audio/visual artists with experience and training in a variety of artistic and technological disciplines. Over the course of 2020, we will be offering a series of workshops and seminars, open to the public, designed to introduce many creative coding topics and methods. By doing so, we hope to facilitate the creative development and evolution of other artists in our communities.

You Are Here $4,500

Kalaija Mallery, Justine Highsmith

You Are Here is an independent collaborative publication for the unseen, the unpublishable, and the unknown. We print and distribute critical essays, art dissent, experimental poetry & fiction, art documentation, and ephemera that address and challenge exclusionary systems. The publication is a hybrid third space: it becomes an exhibition space, a poetic space, a critical space, and a political act for circumventing art world hegemony and capitalist structures of production.