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Kota Yamazaki workshop at TBA:12. Photo: GK Wilson.

Kota Yamazaki workshop at TBA:12. Photo: GK Wilson.

PICA takes an expansive view of “art education,” connecting a diverse range of audiences with contemporary artists and the ideas behind their work. The Institute provides context around new art forms and sparks dialogue and debate about the projects we present and the issues they explore. From participatory workshops, to conversations and lectures, to salons and gallery tours, Institute programs emphasize multiple modes of learning and engagement. Institute activity also overlaps with programs in our Resource Room library and archive.

These educational programs are conceived of as a year-round channel of engagement with our community. TBA talks and workshops, evening presentations and screenings, or a multi-day symposium of panels, dinners, and open rehearsals all fall within the scope of the PICA Institute. As an extension of Institute activities, PICA works closely with local academic institutions at all levels, from elementary schools to universities. We host student viewings of performances and tours of visual art exhibitions and connect resident artists with classes and school groups for studio visits and critiques.

PICA would like to connect school and youth communities with TBA and contemporary art from around the world. For discounted group tickets to performances, please contact Roya Amirsoleymani, PICA’s Director of Community Engagement, at [email protected].

Field Guide

Field Guide is PICA’s ongoing public engagement series designed to help audiences feel more informed about contemporary art and performance. Field Guide focuses on audience experience and response while highlighting “artists on artists,” or an opportunity to hear and learn from one artist about another, often across disciplines (e.g., a choreographer on a visual artist). Through facilitated workshops with visiting and local faculty, focused exploration of an artist’s work, and equal emphasis on presentation, discussion, and interaction, Field Guide sessions include various combinations of pre-show workshops, group viewings of a performance or exhibition, and post-show conversation. Register for an upcoming Field Guide session to  connect with other curious audience members and learn from renowned artists and scholars. Anyone curious about contemporary art and performance is welcome. No prior experience required.

Field Guide session at 2013 PICA Symposium. Photo: Patrick Leonard.

Field Guide session at 2013 PICA Symposium. Photo: Patrick Leonard.

Past Field Guide Sessions: 

September 8–18: Field Guide sessions as part of TBA:16 Institute
April 22, 2016: Tetsuya Umeda, facilitated by Burke Jam
March 31, 2016: Crystal Pite/Kidd Pivot and Electric Company Theatre, facilitated by Tahni Holt (co-presented with White Bird Dance)
March 5, 2016: Keith Hennessy, facilitated by Lisa Jarrett
May 30, 2015: Social & Civic Practice in Performance with Michael Rohd
April 23, 2015: Mining Memories: From the Audience Archives
September 19, 2014: Jack Ferver, facilitated by Jesse Hewit
September 17, 2014: Luke George and Hilary Clark, facilitated by FRONT
September 14, 2014: Tahni Holt, facilitated by Tonya Lockyer
September 13, 2014: Eisa Jocson, facilitated by Clare Croft
September 12, 2014: Tanya Tagaq, facilitated by Jessica Bissett Perea
May 18, 2014: Tahni Holt, facilitated by Tonya Lockyer
April 16, 2014: Andrea Geyer, facilitated by Laura Arrington & Jesse Hewit
March 29, 2014: zoe|juniper, facilitated by FRONT
December 5, 2014: FRONT, Dance on Screens
September 21, 2013: Miguel Gutierrez, facilitated by Tonya Lockyer
September 20, 2013: Bouchra Ouizguen, facilitated by Keith Hennessy
September 17, 2013: Laura Arrington & Jesse Hewit, facilitated by Zoe Scofield
September 14, 2013: Trajal Harrell, facilitated by FRONT
August 10, 2013: bobbevy/Suniti Dernovsek & David Stein, facilitated by Noelle Stiles
June 8, 2013: Emily Johnson/Catalyst, facilitated by Keith Hennessy

For more information about Field Guide, contact Roya Amirsoleymani, Director of Community Engagement, at [email protected] 

PICA’s Field Guide program is generously supported by a Community Grant from the Oregon Community Foundation.